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Client StoriesPaula Goddard is our debt centre manager
Linda Dawson is our coordinator for the prayer team
Patsi Morgans is our Service Support Worker
Carole Lettington coordinating befrienders
Sian Simpkins lifeskills manager
Steve Goddard lifeskills coach
Mee Foong debt coach
Patsi Morgans service support/admin

We have a vacancy for our client blessing/ client events coordinator- TBC

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Year anniversary
Clients we’ve helped
Paula Goddard
Paula Goddard Debt Centre Manager
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Mee Foong Purser
Mee Foong PurserDebt Coach
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Patsi Morgans
Patsi MorgansService Support Worker
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Linda Dawson
Linda DawsonPrayer Team Leader
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Sian Simpkins
Sian SimpkinsLife Skills Coach
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Merle Johnson
Merle JohnsonBefriender Team Leader
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Our History

The Colchester CAP Debt Centre (CCDC) is an independent charity, set up in March 2013 with the objective of helping to relieve poverty in Colchester through advice to people who have lost control of their finances on account of spiraling debt.  We have CAP in our title as we use the specialist debt management skills of Christians Against Poverty, a national debt advice charity. We work with CAP on a partnership basis although we are an independent entity and are responsible for our own work in Colchester, as well as our own fund-raising. The funds we raise are needed to pay our staff, to cover our administration costs and to pay CAP for its specialist input.

Our 5th year

2018 marks our 5th anniversary and we have come a long way in those 5 years, meeting with and supporting over 300 clients which, given the impact of debt on a person’s wider family, probably means we have helped more than 1000 people since our inception, or some 200 people per annum.  As we write this note we have helped 99 clients to become debt free, so we are on the cusp of our 100th life-changing moment!

Unique Support

Our support for clients is unique in many ways. Specifically we attend our clients in their own homes rather than seeing them in an office or talking to them over the telephone. We commonly encounter scenes of distress and confusion with clients who have lost control of their finances and their domestic circumstances. It takes time to help these clients to regain confidence and to bring order back to their lives, but we make that time by introducing them to our wonderful team of volunteer befrienders who help with rehabilitation and who seek to reflect, through their care and patience, God’s grace and his compassion towards all people.

All our help is free and we are looking to help any person who is feeling crushed by debt, irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexuality, religious background or, indeed, a preference not to be involved with religion.

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.

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