Volunteer Client Blessing Co-ordinator Role

Job Description


What are the Centre’s Aims?
The aim of our centre is to release families in Colchester from poverty and debt through our debt counselling service. Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a holistic Christian service, and we seek to provide extra support to help each family, through friendship with a befriender, through prayer support and through the practical help from our client blessing team.
We have seen over 100 client families go debt free in our first 5 years, and with CAP changing lives and bringing people to faith all around the country, we feel this is an exciting opportunity to be part of a real movement of God to help His poor.


What is Client Blessing?
Client blessing is all the practical things we provide to clients, from food shopping and gas and electricity top-ups, to acquiring white goods or furniture for them, to running client events such as meals and parties, hampers at Christmas, and more. It’s real Christ-in-action stuff and we are in a privileged position to help people in this way.


What is the Co-ordinator Role?
The co-ordinator role is to work with our team of client blessing volunteers to make sure the help is there for the clients when the debt coach asks, for example arranging for someone to take a client shopping, co-ordinating the collection and delivery of a washing machine to a family, or using money we have raised to source a bed for a child. As the title suggests you won’t be working alone and the role is very much about using your team, not trying to do it all on your own. Ultimately it is for you to make the role your own and decide how you want to see it grow.


What are we looking for?
 Excellent communicator
 Great understanding of working in a team, knowing when to do something yourself and when to rally your team of great volunteers
 Non-judgemental and caring
 Passionate about helping people and bringing hope to them
 In agreement with CAP’s core values and statement of faith
 Trustworthy in keeping confidential information
 Willing to pray with the CAP team
 Understand the concept of good boundaries


This role is voluntary (unpaid) and there are no fixed hours.

To apply or find out more please contact Centre Manager Paula Goddard.
paulagoddard@capuk.org or 07971 308 388.